Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Happy Birthday to my Little Man!

Today Hayden turns 2! It is hard to believe that it's been 2 years since he came into the world. He has a great little personality and is so much fun! Of course, we think he's amazingly smart and the cutest kid we've ever seen. :) Here are some of his favorites...

toys - cars, trucks, basically anything with wheels
food - pizza, hot dogs (healthy, I know), lots of fruits, carrots, pancakes, rice and beans
restaurant - El Acapulco
drink - milk, apple juice (I finally let him have a sip of soda, but he didn't care for it! Yeah!)
song - Wheels on the Bus, Jesus Loves Me, Blue Skies and Rainbows
book - The Little Engine that Could is one, but really he just loves to be read to!
tv show - Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Little Einsteins, Jay Jay the Jet Plane
dvd - "Songs from the Station" (Thomas the Tank Engine)
Disney character - Goofy, Mickey, Minnie (I had to throw this one in since he's been talking about them since we got back from Disney World.)
Of course, with the 2's come some interesting times as well. I won't call them "terrible," just interesting! Mealtimes usually fit into this category. For example, we ate at El Acapulco the other night and got a to-go box for Hayden's leftover rice and beans. Right after I filled it up, Hayden slung it over his head, launching rice and beans all over the floor, just missing the next table. Maybe it's time to start taking advantage of take-out!

Anyway, we are so thankful for Hayden and the little guy he is! I hope he continues to grow and learn and enjoy life the way he does now. Happy Birthday, sweet little man!

We celebrated his birthday before we went on vacation, so here are some pictures from his party...

I took lots of pictures on our trip, but we're now in the middle of moving, so I'll post them in a few days. Stay tuned...


Christy said...

Happy Birthday Hayden

Brian, Jamie, Molly & Sarah said...

Happy Birthday, Big Boy!!!

I heard he had a wonderful party and the weather was perfect! Terrible 2's...it is all a myth :)

Danna Ramsey said...

Glad you are back! Happy birthday, Hayden! We think you are pretty cute, too. :-)

Chad said...

We certainly enjoyed being in the runners class with him Sunday! He was great!

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