Monday, December 31, 2007

Santa stopped here!

It looks like Hayden was on the nice list, because Santa came to see him at our house and at Gramma and Grampa's. He has spent the past few days playing, playing, and playing some more! Now if we could get our house in order and figure out where all the toys go... Our living room after Santa's visit

Hayden watching his new train

After opening presents at our house, we went to Gramma and Grampa's house. Hayden found a few more gifts from Santa there. Then we had Christmas with the whole family. We had a delicious lunch (Great job, Mom and Dad), then we traded presents and played games. Later that night, we went to the movies and saw "Alvin and the Chipmunks." It was Hayden's 3rd time at the theater, and he was GREAT throughout the whole movie. He thought the Chipmunks were funny, and even now he keeps saying "chipmunk" and making me sing their Christmas song!

Here is Hayden's new car, which he calls "big car"

Below is our silly boy! He thought the bows were lots of fun!

Our family's 2nd Christmas picture

Christmas Eve

We spent Christmas Eve with Michael's family. Hayden was a pro at opening presents this year. He knew exactly what to do! We enjoyed spending time with Nanny, Pawpaw, Granny Paul, Uncle Joey, and Hayden's cousins, Summer and Cody. Thanks guys for a great time!

We didn't get to see Aunt Priss and Uncle Herman, but they sent Hayden a neat scooter that he had fun trying out!

Hayden and Uncle Joey

Nanny and Pawpaw with Hayden

Summer, Hayden, and Cody

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Library and Winter Wonderland

Last week, we had some holiday fun at the Holiday Open House at the library. Hayden would literally go to the library every day if he had his way, so of course we couldn't miss the day when Santa visited. The children's library staff sang songs with the kids, then Santa came and read to them.

Hayden's second time visiting Santa...he did not want to sit on his lap!

Here's Hayden checking out the train. This is one reason he loves the library so much.

I love this one! He actually looked at the camera and smiled...he's so busy, these are rare these days!

Later that day, we took Hayden to Winter Wonderland. He loved it this year! He especially liked watching the spinning penguin, the singing dog, and the trains. Below are a few pictures from Winter Wonderland.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Since Thanksgiving . . .

We have been busy! Last weekend, Michael and I celebrated our 7th anniversary! We spent the night in Memphis, then got up early and ran the St. Jude's 5K. What a way to celebrate! It was the first 5K for both of us, but it was so much fun. We plan to do it again next year, and to run some local ones in the meantime. I finished in just under 33 minutes, and I was pleased since it was my first time to run a 5K. I posted a pic so you'll have proof! :) Michael ran, too, but the picture they sent him was not him, so I don't have one to post. Other than running, we got to enjoy some shopping and eating in Memphis. Hayden also had his first sleepover at Gramma and Grampa's house. I know he had lots of fun with them!We've also been busy getting ready for Christmas. Our tree is up, and Hayden's done great keeping his hands off! Michael and I went to see the Nutcracker early in the week, and last night we took Hayden to the Christmas Parade. Our friend hosted a get-together in his office on Main Street, so we got to stay nice and warm before the parade and we could take a break from the cold when we needed. Thanks, Toby! Hayden really enjoyed the parade and was mesmerized by all the sounds and lights. Here are some pictures we took during the parade.

A new florist in town handed out roses during the parade. Here Hayden is sniffing his!