Friday, June 29, 2007

14 Months

Wow, Hayden is 14 months old today! He has taken so many more steps since we posted the video a week and a half ago. He's taken about 15 at a time, so he's getting there. He still crawls most of the time unless he's walking to one of us or holding onto a finger. But he's definitely more sturdy and sure of himself! Here are some recent pictures. Helping Daddy stir sugar in the tea Don't boxes make great toys!? From that expression you'd think not, but he really does have fun playing with them.
Hayden loves to sit by the window and "read" his books.
I give Hayden kitchen gadgets to play with while I'm cooking and he's become attached to this Pampered Chef roller I have. He carries it with him all over the house!
With the roller, again. Maybe he will be a chef?

My Water Baby

Hayden and I just finished going to a Water Babies swim class. He absolutely LOVES the water! As long as I was right beside him, he wasn't afraid at all. He even went under water! I'm so glad he enjoyed it. Now he'll be ready for our trip to the beach later in the summer! Posing in his cool swimwear from Gramma
He loved the kickboard!
Blowing bubbles - the pool we used was a therapeutic pool, so it was warm and had an area with jets and tons of bubbles. All the babies enjoyed playing in the bubbles and making some of their own!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Walking Tall

Here is our little man starting to walk. As you can see he is learning fast.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

"The BahBah"

Sorry it's been so long since we updated. I just realized it's been almost 3 weeks! Anyway, here are some new pictures of our sweet 13 month old. I know I mentioned his love of balloons in an earlier post, but this kid is crazy about them. He calls them "bahbahs." We ran in Dollar Tree and he spotted them. He kept pointing and saying "bahbah" and I looked up and sure enough, there were the balloons. Then we went to Pizza Inn and our waitress gave him his own balloon. He was so excited!

Hayden loves to jabber away these days and has fun trying to repeat what you say, although it usually doesn't come out just right. But he's saying more and more everyday! He isn't walking by himself yet, although he'll walk with his push toys all over the house with no problem. He's so unsure of himself if he isn't holding onto a toy or a finger, and he sits down the second you let go. It will happen one of these days!

I took Hayden to the library for the 1st time last week. The Children's Area has lots of neat toys, a model train, and a wooden fire truck. He had a lot of fun playing and checking out books. Some of the pictures below are from our visit.
Hayden (13 months) with his balloon
Riding the fire truck at the library
Close up - So serious!
Posing in the front yard