Friday, December 29, 2006

Hayden's First Christmas

We spent Christmas day with my family. First, we woke up at our house to see all the goodies Santa left for Hayden. He must have been really good this year! Then we went to Gramma's and Grampa's house, where Santa left a few more packages for Hayden. After we opened presents, we got lunch ready and the whole family came over. Hayden got to see Gramma, Grampa, Uncle Eric, Grandma Jean, Grandpa Elwood, and lots of cousins and great aunts and uncles. After playing all afternoon (and thankfully getting a nap in), we went to Uncle Billy's and Aunt Margi's house for our traditional homemade pizza dinner before going to the movies. We saw "Night at the Museum" . . . Hayden's second movie. Luckily he slept through most of it :-)
Hayden looking like a big boy in his "Thomas the Tank Engine" chair
Checking out his new "Learning Home"
Hey guys - Do you like my new shoes!? I should grow into them soon!
Mommy's and Daddy's best Christmas gift ever . . . Hayden and his sweet smile!

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Christmas in Vilonia

Hayden with Uncle Joey
We spent last weekend in Vilonia and celebrated Christmas with Michael's family on the 23rd. Hayden got to see Nanny and PawPaw, Uncle Joey, cousins Cody and Summer, Great-Granny Paul and Great-Granny Shumate, and several great aunts and uncles. Hayden had lots of fun opening presents and really enjoyed trying to eat the paper! We had a great weekend!
Hayden checking out his new toys
Great-Granny Paul and Hayden
Opening a present - The bag's bigger than he is!

More Christmas pictures to come . . .

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Merry Christmas!

Here are just a few pictures we took of Hayden sitting by our Christmas tree. Of course, Cooper had to get in on the action. He misses getting his picture taken, so he likes to jump in whenever we snap a picture of Hayden. We hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 15, 2006

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Last night, we went downtown to the Winter Wonderland. It is an amazing place filled with about 20 different Christmas scenes, full of lights, music, and characters. Our friend, Donna Chetister, worked on the Wonderland for years, adding a little more every year to bring smiles to all the kids' faces. She recently passed away, but her memory will live on in all of her works of art throughout northeast Arkansas, especially the Winter Wonderland. Hayden loved all of it, and he was especially captivated by the singing and dancing snowmen, the spinning penguins, and the train. There was so much to see and hear!
Hayden and Daddy watch the penguins spin and play!
Hayden wouldn't look at the camera . . . he was too into the lights and sounds!

We got to see Santa again. This time Hayden wasn't too sure about him.

Christmas Parade

Last Saturday, we took Hayden to Grubbs to watch the Christmas parade. Grubbs is a small town where my parents grew up. My grandpa, who still lives there, was the Grand Marshall for the parade, so he and my parents got to ride on the opening float. Hayden enjoyed watching Gramma, Grampa, and Great-Grandpa Elwood go by and wave at him!
Hayden's getting bundled up to go outside and watch the parade!
Santa's sleigh looked a lot like a big, red fire truck!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Hayden hanging out with the Girls

Sunday night our church Life Group had a Christmas party. We even got a visit from Santa! All the kids were so excited and didn't want him to leave. It was Hayden's second time to see Santa. Here are some pics from the party. As you may notice, Hayden is surrounded by girls in our Life Group. There are two other boys and tons of girls. But, we also have 3 ladies expecting baby boys (one with twins!), so it won't be long until Hayden has some boys to play with.

Playing ball with Lauren


Rubber Ducks . . . YUM!!

Six Exciting Years

On Saturday, Michael and I celebrated our sixth anniversary. We were reminiscing about our wedding and remembering how sick Michael was on that day. Our vows did say "in sickness and in health," I just didn't think it would start that soon! :-) Anyway, our wedding day seemed like it was just yesterday, and now it's six years down the road! And what a wonderful six years it has been!

Michael and I enjoyed a date on our anniversary. Gramma and Grampa kept Hayden so we could go out. We went to dinner and then to the movies to see "The Holiday." (Great movie by the way!) We had a lot of fun!