Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Past Few Weeks

The fair was in town a few weeks ago, and of course we had to go. Hayden had a blast this year! We went on Monday night, then Hayden got to go again later in the week with Gramma and Grampa. The other day we drove past the fairgrounds and Hayden said (with a great deal of concern), "Where did the fair go!?" He's talked about it almost every day, and he's worried about when the fair will return.

Daddy got to ride the train with Hayden.

Hayden really enjoyed riding the fire truck!

He also loved riding the "green spaceship."

This one's a little blurry, but I loved his excited expression!

Last weekend, Hayden and I went to Lake Frierson to his friend's birthday party. Hayden got to choose a fishing rod, and of course he chose a "Cars" one.

He had fun practicing his casting, but ...

he decided the actual fishing lacked the action!

He did have a lot of fun feeding the ducks!

On Sunday, we had a kickoff event at church for the "40 Days of Community" that begins tonight. There were inflatable jump houses and slides for the kids, lots of BBQ, and even a special guest. Howl, the Red Wolves new mascot, came to greet all the kids!

Hayden loved bouncing in the giant hamburger.

And he especially enjoyed seeing Howl!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Great Day at School

Hayden started back to Mother's Day Out 2 weeks ago, and his first day was a little rough. Last week was better, but not great. But today, the first thing his teacher said was that he had a really good day! She said he played great outside, ate a good lunch, and went right to sleep. Atta boy!!!

The first week, he cried all through nap. Then last week, he laid down but didn't sleep. He's usually a great sleeper, still napping 3 hours most days, so it bugged me that he didn't nap there. I'm sure he was just getting used to everything since he hadn't been to MDO since May. Since I never got around to posting them, here are some pictures from the first day of MDO a few weeks ago.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Ten Things Tuesday

Here's what I'm thankful for today...

1. I subbed today and got to talk to Hayden on the phone during my lunch break. He is so cute when he talks on the phone!

2. Michael and my dad worked all weekend knocking down walls and building others to make a walk-in closet for us.

3. I finally feel like I may have some order and organization in this house soon. The lack of organization has been driving me nuts!!! The remodel should be done in the next month or two!

4. We have Oreo dirt cake in the fridge. Yum!!

5. I was in Hayden's room early this morning and heard him giggling in his sleep. I guess he was having a good dream!

6. I hear my hubby vacuuming in the other room as I type.

7. MDO starts Thursday. Time for all those errands I've been saving up.

8. Hayden's MDO teachers seem really great, and he loved his new classroom at Open House.

9. The school year has started, which means we can get back to our normal routine.

10. My morning sickness is easing up. I still have moments of nausea, but for the most part, I feel much better!