Wednesday, October 08, 2008

It's a . . .

Well, here's the little outfit that I bought at Old Navy today after our doctor's visit. Can you guess what we're having!!??

Yes, it's a girl!!! I was so excited when the ultrasound tech told us, and I'm still somewhat in shock. I really thought it was a boy. The baby looked great, so we are really excited!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Ten Things Tuesday

Here's my list for the week. Sorry, it's mostly focused on the remodeling. Guess you can see what's on my mind these days!

1. Hayden slept until 8:30 this morning, so I did too! It feels great to sleep in occasionally!

2. We had another great Ladies' Bible Class this morning.

3. Jenny and I did two wedding cakes and two groom's cakes last weekend and survived! And, for the most part, everything went smoothly.

4. Our cake business has really taken off.

5. While we worked on cakes all weekend, Michael and my dad worked really hard at the house and finished our new shower. Here's a sneak peak, although the finishing touches still have to be done. Thanks Jamie, for your shower inspiration and ideas!

6. We're getting the rest of our new carpet installed on Monday!

7. Then I'll be able to get our bedroom in order and find some things that are still in boxes.

8. We have possibly found someone to refinish our kitchen cabinets, which is a project both Michael and I have been dreading.

9. If that works out, it will be the final major indoor project left in the house! But believe me, there are enough minor projects to keep us busy for a while.

10. We have our ultrasound tomorrow and will hopefully find out whether Baby Shumate will be a boy or a girl. Check back tomorrow for the big news!

Thursday, October 02, 2008

10 Things ...Thursday

Since I can't seem to get it together on Tuesday, this is a little late. But, I have a lot to be thankful for, so here are my 10 things for the week.

1. I'm thankful that Michael absolutely loves his new job.

2. And he got a raise last week!

3. I'm thankful that Hayden is enjoying MDO.

4. And that his teacher bragged on his imagination. She said they were making things out of Play-Doh, and Hayden said he made an oval, a fondant ball (imagine that!), and pickled okra. Okay, so the last one's a little weird, but they were rolling the dough into hot dog shapes, and he said his was pickled okra...he and his daddy love that stuff!

5. I'm thankful that Hayden laid his head on my shoulder and said "I love you Mommy" while I was reading to him.

6. I'm thankful that cooler weather is on it's way. I just love fall.

7. We have another ultrasound next week. We'll hopefully find out the baby's gender, and more importantly, that he or she is healthy.

8. And I'm thankful that Hayden is over saying "No!" when someone asks if he wants a brother or sister. He says "sister" at this point, but it seems to change weekly.

9. Our new tiled shower in the master bath should be finished this weekend. After the master bath, we have only 1 major project (indoors, anyway) left!

10. My new washer is fabulous! Our old one was on it's last leg, and it gave up last week. So, we had to get a new one. The lid is clear, so you can watch it work. Hayden would sit through the entire cycle watching if I let him! I'll leave you with some pictures of him enjoying the entertainment...