Thursday, May 24, 2007

First Haircut

Hayden's hair before

Getting his hair cut

And . . . after!
No more mullet!

Monday, May 14, 2007

12 Month Update

Hayden had his 12 month check-up a few weeks ago. He weighed 20 lbs. and 1 oz. and was 29 3/4 inches long. His weight is around the 15th percentile and his height around the 25th. He's eating mostly table foods now, and he especially loves meat! We've had an easy time switching to whole milk, he loves it! Hayden's not walking on his own yet, but he loves to walk behind his ride-on airplane or while holding your hand. He's really into talking on the phone. He'll hold anything up to his ear when he sees us talking on the phone. It is too funny! Hayden also loves to point. He points at everything he sees! We are having so much fun watching him learn and grow! 12 Month PictureTrying out his new swing on his birthday
Me and Hayden (pointing at the camera:-)) on Mother's Day
Under the table . . . it's a whole new world!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Birthday Party

Hayden's checking out his new SwingAlong Castle with Gramma, Haley, and Savannah
Hayden got lots of help opening his presents!
His new ride-on airplane is lots of fun!
Grampa's watching Hayden and his buddies check out his new red wagon
Nanny, PaPaw, and Great Granny Paul enjoyed watching Hayden celebrate!

Hayden had his 1st birthday party on Saturday! He had lots of fun eating cake (see pictures on previous post), opening presents, and playing with his buddies. His grandparents, a few cousins, and church friends came to celebrate with us. The weather was perfect and the kids enjoyed playing in the backyard. We had such a great time!