Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I woke to the sound of . . .

This morning I woke up to a scraping sound. As I really awakened, I realized what this scraping was. . . Hayden attempting to take the finish off of his crib rail! You see, I love Hayden's furniture. The crib can be used as a full size head and foot board later, so we thought, wow, he can get many years out of this beautiful furniture. What were we thinking!? Kids are rough on everything, so it may not look so pretty in a few years. It still looks great from a distance!Also, I'm beginning to think getting teeth early isn't all that great. Hayden got 2 around 5 months, 4 more around 7 months, and another came in a month ago, for a grand total of 7! I guess he figured he would put them to good use! And this is what he accomplished just this morning! By the end of the week, he may have taken all the finish off! If any of you have tips or suggestions, please help! One Step Ahead makes a crib rail protector that I may order, but I don't know what to do in the meantime. Did anyone else have this issue with your kids? I'd love to know we're not alone! THE DAMAGE

Monday, February 26, 2007

Hayden Update

Hayden after his nap
A new favorite toy - Balloons!
Fun times in the laundry basket!

It been a few weeks since our last post, so we figured it was time for an update. Hayden has been sick again, this time possibly a sinus or ear infection. He was miserable on Saturday, but luckily, we found a doctor who still makes house calls (a.k.a. Grampa), and he came and checked Hayden out. He seems to feel much better now!
Hayden is crawling so quickly now, and he follows me everywhere. He started cruising around his Leap Frog table last week. What a great toy! It's the first thing he pulled up on and now he's learned to cruise around it! Although he's been pulling up for a while now, he just figured out he could pull up in his crib last week. The first picture is of him pulling up after naptime.
Oh, yeah. Hayden also loves balloons. We had balloons for my birthday a few weeks ago, and Hayden pulled on the strings, bounced them, and couldn't take his eyes off of them! (With constant supervision, of course!) When he felt so bad this weekend, the balloon was the only thing that would calm him!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

Hayden wanted to wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day! We tried to get a few pictures of Hayden in his "Handsome" shirt, and he now has a new pose for the camera. Check out the last two pictures. As soon as he sees the flash, he now squints, smiles, and cocks his head back. What a pose! We tried 3 or 4 times to get his natural smile, but all he would do was this new squinty smile. What can I say, I think he's going to be a little ham! In the past few weeks, Hayden has traded the army crawl to crawl on all 4's. Here he is crawling for the camera! He's also been pulling up a lot lately and he loves standing and playing music on his Leap Frog music table.Say cheese!!!!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

9 Months Old

Check out these pearly whites!
Hayden loves to stand at the back door and look outside!

Hayden's 9 month picture

Hayden turned nine months on Monday. He had his 9 month check-up and was lucky to have NO shots this time! But he will have to get a few at his next visit at 12 months. What a birthday present! Anyway, at his check-up, he weighed 17 lbs. 6 oz. and was almost 27 inches long. He's in about the 10 percentile for weight and height. Hopefully his being sick last month caused his weight gain to slow down. We're hoping he'll gain more this time!