Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Wow, what a busy couple of weeks we've had! We finally got our Internet hooked up here at the new house, just in time for Ten Things Tuesday! Some of these are from the last few weeks...

1- Last week, Hayden and I (just the 2 of us) went to McD's for pancakes and sausage on his birthday. We had a great time!

2- Our trip to Disney World was fabulous. Hayden did great and we all had a blast!

3- Last week, so many friends showed up to help us move! Thanks everyone, we couldn't have done it without you!

4- Our new neighbors are really friendly and welcoming.

5- We have a nice, leak-free, mold-free laundry room, thanks to my dad. He has spent countless hours since Friday sheetrocking and finishing it out for us. Just one of his hidden talents. :)Thanks Dad!

6- My father-in-law, a talented electrician, spent the weekend upgrading and fixing our electrical service.

7 - My mom and mother-in-law have helped so much with Hayden and they even did a lot of our laundry, too!

8- As of today, all of my appliances are installed. I guess that means I have to start cooking again!

9- After a week, we now have Internet service!

10 - This weekend we're going to visit my brother and see him graduate from Graduate School. I missed his first graduation because Hayden was only a week or two old, so I'm excited that we'll get to go this time!


Brian, Jamie, Molly & Sarah said...

Yeah for the internet and yeah for friends and family! It sounds like you have had a VERY busy couple of weeks. Hopefully things will slow down for you, now!

Julie said...

Hey amos
I can't wait to see this new house....I am glad you guys had a good time at Disney....look forward to hearing about that...Did you get the email that I started a blog?
Have a good week!

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