Monday, December 08, 2008

Christmas Conversations

I love having conversations with Hayden. Sometimes, he just cracks me up! Here are two recent conversations that had Michael and I laughing...

Me: When Baby Jesus was born, where did they lay him?

Hayden: In a manger

Me: Who came to see Baby Jesus?

Hayden: The wise men

Me: What did they bring him?

Hayden: Supper... rice and beans!

That kid is still crazy about El Acapulco. I think he would eat rice and beans everyday!

We had talked about the North Pole and how Santa lives there and that's where he makes toys. When we asked Hayden a little while later where Santa lives, I said "He lives in the North..." and Hayden said "North Carolina!"


Stacy said...

How funny! Congrats on "Baby G" Girls are a blast-maybe I'll see you in J-boro over Christmas break!

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