Friday, June 29, 2007

14 Months

Wow, Hayden is 14 months old today! He has taken so many more steps since we posted the video a week and a half ago. He's taken about 15 at a time, so he's getting there. He still crawls most of the time unless he's walking to one of us or holding onto a finger. But he's definitely more sturdy and sure of himself! Here are some recent pictures. Helping Daddy stir sugar in the tea Don't boxes make great toys!? From that expression you'd think not, but he really does have fun playing with them.
Hayden loves to sit by the window and "read" his books.
I give Hayden kitchen gadgets to play with while I'm cooking and he's become attached to this Pampered Chef roller I have. He carries it with him all over the house!
With the roller, again. Maybe he will be a chef?


Julie said...

Thanks for the updates!! He is getting so big!! I think that I am coming in for WOW... so I hope to see that little guy!! I will try to call you soon!
Lots of love from Nashville
Aunt JuJu

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