Thursday, August 31, 2006

Need a Laugh? Read This!

I had a really embarrassing "mommy" moment yesterday. I've always been a little clumsy/messy, but I'll blame this on the bottle! Anyway, Hayden fell asleep right before church, so we decided to take a bottle and feed him when we got there. I passed Hayden to Gramma, so I could get the bottle ready. When Hayden takes a bottle, we use the Playtex Nursers that have the plastic liners, so as I started to push up the liner to let the air out, it burst (I do mean BURST!) all over me, especially in my lap! At least 4 or 5 ounces puddled in my lap, which of course looked just like I had wet my pants! Church had already started, so of course I couldn't get up and walk out, because everyone would think I had an accident. We managed to salvage about 2 ounces of milk that stayed in the bottle, which Gramma fed Hayden, and we hoped that would last until we could get home after church. Hayden was pretty good until near the end of church, when Daddy took him out to walk around. I sure wasn't getting up! By the time church was over, most of the milk had dried, but I managed to hide between my parents and Michael just in case. Now I'll really be nervous about dealing with bottles in public!


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